About Us

Like most other charitable causes, Cattorneys At Paw grew organically out of the lifelong passions of its founders. When Romy, Meranda, and Diana first met, they didn’t have in mind to form a non-profit to help cats – they were law students working hard towards their professional goals and seeking to form a study group.

The three discovered that they shared a love of cats when they encountered a group of strays living at Meranda’s apartment complex. They provided food and much needed medical care for the cats and found loving homes for their kittens. Although happy they were able to save these cats, it made them think of the millions of homeless cats around the country that would not be so lucky. They vowed that they would use their success in the legal field to give back to the cats that brought them, and so many others, such tremendous love and happiness.

Flash forward some years later and the three remain both friends and colleagues, with their mutual love of cats as strong as ever. Romy has three cats, Monkey, Tommy and Chanel, while Diana has Monkey’s brother, Ryu. Meranda grew up with many cats of her own, and cannot wait to create her own feline family, too. None of them have forgotten their shared dream from the days of law school.

So with the funds, networks, and unbridled passion to make their goals a reality, the three came together to found Cattorneys At Paw, Inc., a nonprofit dedicated to raising money and awareness for the rescue, veterinary treatment, and general care of community cats. Cattorneys At Paw calls on other professionals who love animals to give back to the world by helping some of its most vulnerable residents.

Cattorneys At Paw, Inc.
12955 Biscayne Boulevard
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North Miami, Florida 33181
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